Impressive, Life-Size Cardboard Sculptures of Everyday Objects

Cardboard wizard and Italy-based artist Chris Gilmour creates life-size replicas of various objects, religious icons, vehicles, and musical instruments using nothing but the cheap, brown material. “I choose objects for their visual appeal and cultural resonance, but I also usually choose objects which imply an action or interaction of some sort,” he recently told Beautiful/Decay. “The interaction of the viewer with the works seems to function as a kind of short circuit between an implied action and the impossibility of performing it: you want to open the car door, or turn the wheel on the bike, but of course you can’t. I think this immediacy is important to enter the work, to grab the viewer.” Definitely a touch frustrating, but most certainly compelling. We’ve shared several of Gilmour’s impressively constructed cardboard artworks past the break.

Copyright Chris Gilmour, photo by Marco De Palma