Behind-the-Scenes Photos of Famous Art Being Installed

How many art handlers does it take to hang a giant Damien Hirst painting just right? You’d be surprised. From perching a 70,000 pound Do Ho Suh “house” into the side of the roof of a university building to de-installing Carsten Höller’s mirrored carousels to lugging a precious Gottfried Helnwein through the halls of the Russian State Museum — the professional installation of art requires a keen eye, physical precision, a practical sense of aesthetics, and the ability not to drop anything under pressure. Yikes. We salute you, art handlers! So does the Tumblr blog WRAPIT-TAPEIT-WALKIT-PLACEIT, spotted by Hyperallergic. Check out a few behind-the-scenes shots of art being installed in this slideshow.

Kindskopf (Head of a Child) at the State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg in preparation for the Gottfried Helnwein retrospective. Courtesy WRAPIT-TAPEIT-WALKIT-PLACEIT