10 TV Sex Dreams to Live in Infamy

Last week’s How I Met Your Mother pregnancy-induced sex-dream plot fell short, and it wasn’t just because it took place after the sex/murder dream heard ’round the world. While this writer plans on staying loyal to HIMYM‘s end, we have to admit the vitriol towards the show isn’t completely unjustified, especially when we see uninspired recycling of mainstay sitcom devices like this one. It may seem cruel to pick on a show for something like a “bad sex dream” plotline, but, you see, unlike real life, dreams do matter in TV. They can be major game changers for plot and character development, the set-up for a really great joke, or even political by nature (as you’ll see in our first example). Click through for our roundup of great TV sex dreams, and tell us which others you think should make the list.