A Collection of Cool Webcomics Made with Photography

Want to start an online comic but you don’t know how to draw? No problem! You can always use real-life photography to make your comic-creating dreams a reality! Photo comics, as they are called, can run the gamut from hilarious and absurd to beautiful and gripping. All you need is a bunch of friends who don’t mind you constantly taking pictures of them (and barring that, a set of easily posable action figures), and you’re ready to go. For some inspiration, check out these already successful photo comics after the jump!

Alien Loves Predator

Everybody likes to joke about the idea of putting two unlikely rivals together as roommates in a New York City apartment, but only Bernie Hou actually did it. He doesn’t have time to update the comic anymore, but the archives are always there for your perusal. You’ll especially enjoy the inside jokes if you’ve ever lived in Manhattan.