10 Classic Rock Songs We Never Want to Hear Again

Despite what the manic Derek and the Dominos fans who apparently frequent our comments section appear to think, we don’t set out to be deliberately iconoclastic here at Flavorpill. We have a healthy respect for the past — we just occasionally get sick of hearing about it, especially when it’s depicted as some sort of glowing cultural golden age that the present can never hope to rival. That said, there are certain aspects of rock ‘n’ roll history that we rather wish could be expunged once and for all, for a variety of reasons. So to start with, here are 10 classic rock staples that we’d be happy to never, ever hear again. What would you smite from AOR playlists once and for all if given the chance?

Eric Clapton — “I Shot the Sheriff”

Clapton’s cod reggae cover of Bob Marley’s classic is lame enough, but he’d add insult to injury two years after its release with his notorious 1976 on-stage rant about immigration (for which he’s never seen fit to apologize, by the way), in which, amongst other things, he proclaimed that “black wogs and coons … and Jamaicans, we don’t want them here.” How Clapton can manage to reconcile the fact that he’s made a fortune over the years playing the blues and the fact that he thinks it’s OK to say things like “England is for white people, man … we are a white country” is a question only he can answer. Whatever the case, we’ll be happy never to hear this again.