20 TV Mean Girls We Secretly Love

From the tough ladies on Game of Thrones and Revenge to the recent additions of sardonic “gal pal” Jessa Johansson (Girls) and James Van Der Beek’s equally self-absorbed BFF Chloe (B—- in Apartment 23), audiences are quite taken with TV’s latest mean girl class. The “B” (of Apt. 23) has even been called “one of the first truly 21st century chicks on TV.” While we don’t endorse girl-on-girl hate in real life, striking that perfect balance of evilness and likability is a difficult thing for a character to do, and we’d like to give a shout out to the women who have done this with aplomb over the years. Click through to see the mean girls we not-so-secretly love, and please share your favorites in the comments!

Buffy/Angel: Cordelia Chase

Over the course of Buffy and then Angel, Cordelia Chase proved that queen bee cheerleaders can change, even become superheroes. But even as she became a more sympathetic character, dating Xander, helping the Scooby Gang, and using her vision power for good, she maintained her edge — proving that you can take the girl out of the cheerleading uniform, but never fully take the cheerleader out of the girl. This is, after all, the person whose jealousy warped the entire time-space continuum of Sunnydale.

RUNNER-UP: The OC‘s Summer Roberts is another queen bee who softened — also dating a nerd (Seth Cohen is to Xander) and sort of becoming a superhero (see Atomic County). At the same time she continued to disgust/enthrall us with her gratuitous use of the word “ew.”