Minimalist Pop Culture Caricatures

Chances are you’ve seen at least one image from award-winning illustrator Stanley Chow before. The English-born artist started his career in fashion illustration and as a storyboard pro. Since then, his work has appeared in numerous advertisements, animations, and other design-savvy publications. We ran into his creations on Geek-Art and had to share his pop culture portraits. They have an interesting and elegant Art Deco twist, while still being contemporary. The works are refreshingly uncomplicated, but Chow manages to capture each character and star’s iconic expression or look in a unique way. We’ve shared a gallery of his work past the break. After you browse, be sure to head to the artist’s print shop to check out the rest of his delightful illustrations. You can see Chow’s work in person at an upcoming retrospective show in Manchester.

Image credit: Stanley Chow

David Bowie