Our Manhattan Cocktail Classic Tattoo Contest Finalists Tell Their Stories

The time is almost upon us — it’s only a few weeks until the always extravagant Manhattan Cocktail Classic descends on the city, with hundreds of events, parties, and of course, high-class booze. We’ve been keeping our excitement at bay by focusing our energies on the fabulous designs sent in by our readers for the temporary tattoo contest running on our Facebook page. Finally, we can announce the winners of this contest — the designs that were awesome enough to be made into 1,000 real temporary tattoos each. Our grand prize winner also won tickets to the Manhattan Cocktail Classic’s yearly Gala. Click through to see the designs and learn about the designers.

Our Grand Prize Winner: Alexander Hauck, Mainz, Germany

Where do you work?
I’m running a small company with my business partner, Stephan Berg, called “The Bitter Truth.” We’re based in Germany and produce a nice range of cocktail bitters and niche liqueurs.

How long have you been designing?
Actually I started designing during kindergarten times. I developed a cardboard submarine which wasn’t really successful! From 1999 to 2003 I studied graphic design. After I had graduated I started bartending professionally and arts and design became my hobby. Today the main part of my work consists of design.

Who are your inspirations or heroes in the world of art and design?
I’m a big fan of 19th-century old-fashioned design but also art deco, Polynesian pop art, and western pop art. The list of people who inspired me is very long! But here are some names: Edward Hopper, Frank Gehry, Franz Lenhart, Mel Ramos, Pearl Frush, Marko Djurdjević (a friend and true hero of mine!) — and many more!