Crowdsourced Photos of Russia's Creepiest, Most Dangerous Playgrounds

From the self-deprecating domain of the Russian blogosphere that brought you incredibly bootleg movie posters, we present: the horrors from the LiveJournal community “Dedicated to Maniac Psycho Sculptors.” It’s a hub for dumping photos of children’s playgrounds that are more than a little bit… off — perilous swings, rusty slides, cavernous ditches, and, more importantly, the creepiest public sculptures you’ve ever seen. They are decapitated, shattered, and laden with inappropriate graffiti. Some are just dangerous. Some are accidentally suggestive. Some are terrible, decades-old works of folk art carved from tree stumps, now smiling with rotting, termite-gnarled mouths and otherwise looking less than approachable. They are all curious specimens of found art. Or maybe they’re just terrifying. Check out the worst of the worst and decide for yourself.

Photo credit: LiveJournal