10 Books to Fuel Your Springtime Wanderlust

We don’t know about you, but as the weather gets nicer, we here at Flavorpill find ourselves staring out of our windows, peering longingly at the world beyond, wishing for a little adventure and travel. Yes, that annual springtime wanderlust is hitting, and it’s hitting hard. But since we have jobs and responsibilities and things, we have to tide ourselves over until we can escape to the country — or at least a far-off park with some good climbing trees. Thus, we have created this list of wanderlust-inspiring books, to read on a plane, on a train, or just in your bedroom with dreams of exploration. Click through to read our picks, and let us know which books make you want to set out on your own in the comments.

Open City, Teju Cole

Open City is one of the most realistic portraits of modern wanderlust — there’s this guy, and he’s wandering around New York relatively aimlessly, thinking about stuff, sometimes interacting with people, mostly just walking until his feet hurt. Sure, he branches out a little more than your average bear, but that just gives us something to aspire to.