A Photographer Documents His Daughter's Journey From Birth to Womanhood

From her pouting baby years to her pubescent rebellions to her current life as a 30-something, Alison has always had her father’s camera on her. Photographer Jack Radcliffe’s images are strange in their intimacy and striking in their progression. There she is, screaming and bloody, just emerged from her mother’s womb. And then, there she is, half-sneering, with her cat-eyed make-up smeared, a swinging cigarette in her arm, hanging off a boyfriend who looks like trouble.

“My photographs of Alison, because of the nature of our relationship, are very much a father-daughter collaboration — Alison permitting me access to private moments of our life, which might, under different circumstances, be off-limits to a parent,” Radcliffe explains. See Alison’s growth captured in telling black and white portraits, as seen on Behance

Photo credit: Jack Radcliffe. Alison, Birth Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Md 1975