Photo Gallery: Stylish Malaise in a Mid-Century Modern Dream House

It’s Far from Heaven, it’s Unhappy Hipsters, and above all, it’s Mad Men — the idea that beneath the surface of a wealthy and beautifully designed world lurks the restless unhappiness of its privileged occupants. Paris-based photographer and art director Ben Sandler’s Tomorrowland series is a beautifully executed variation on this theme, following an attractive, impeccably dressed family through a cold and distant evening in their retro-futuristic, mid-century modern dream house. The malaise is palpable, the decor is flawless, and the shots are gorgeously composed, but that doesn’t preclude a few fascinating mysteries from cropping up — like that hovercraft car. Click through to see some of our favorite photos from the series, which we spotted at Behance.

Photo credit: Ben Sandler