A Selection of Books “Written” by Celebrity Animals

When we found out that Uggie, the lovable terrier from the Oscar-winning film The Artist, has landed a deal with Gallery Books and will be releasing a memoir in October, we were excited. Who wouldn’t love a book by an adorable puppy who does awesome tricks — even if said animal can’t even speak English, much less write in it?

Uggie’s not the only animal to get into the book publishing business, though: the fake pet memoir has become a big fad in the past couple of years, and you wouldn’t believe some of the dogs, cats, and even chimpanzees that have gotten their life stories put into print. Check out this list of successful animal-penned books, some of which offer insight into your favorite celebrities’ lives and some of which are just plain, old cute.

Me Cheeta: My Life in Hollywood

Ghostwritten by James Lever, this book follows the career of Cheeta, the chimpanzee who starred in several Tarzan movies and a television series from the ’30s through the late ’60s. Although, like Lassie, Cheeta was actually played by a number of different chimpanzee actors, the book combines all the different chimps into one composite character and has been widely praised as a fantastic parody of the traditional Hollywood memoir.