The Most Profoundly Regrettable Moments in 1990s Musical Fashion

With the inevitable 1990s revival in full swing these days, it’s perhaps a good time to remind ourselves that it can be awfully easy to look back at the past with distinctly rose-colored glasses. Sure, the ’90s gave rise to some definitive musical trends, the influence of which is still felt today — the tail end of acid house, the advent of grunge, the evolution of hip hop into a full-fledged commercial behemoth. It also gave rise to some distinctive musical fashion, as anyone who sports a Cobain-esque flannelette shirt can attest. But lest we forget, much of the decade was also a pretty dark time for both music and musical fashion — so in a lighthearted spirit of reminiscence, here’s a look back at some of the most profoundly dreadful music-related fashion statements of the decade. What did we miss?

Vanilla Ice

Sure, there’s the jacket, the quiff, and the general air of self-satisfaction (which was presumably dispelled forever once Suge Knight dangled him out of a window). But the most disturbing thing here is… the semi-shaved eyebrow. What’s that all about?