10 Albums You Need to Hear in May

We mentioned last month that May and June were both looking pretty fine as far as album releases go — and indeed, there’s a heap of goodness to choose from as far as interesting new music to listen to this month goes, so much so that it was a struggle to get our regular list of worthy upcoming albums down to its habitual count of ten. But still, we’ve picked out ten of the best after the jump — everything from Sigur Rós to K-Holes — and also rounded up all the other releases of note over the coming month. Let us know what’s on your list!

Lower Dens — Nootropics (May 1)

We’ve been absolutely loving this record at Flavorwire of late — if you’ve not heard Lower Dens’ work, they’re best approximated by imagining how it might sound if Beach House stumbled into some sort of trans-dimensional wormhole and landed in 1970s Germany. There’s definitely a hint of Victoria Legrand about Jana Hunter’s deep, melancholy voice, although Lower Dens’ music is more varied than Beach House’s — tracks like “Brains” and “Stem” pulse to a motorik beat, while the delicate synth textures of “Lion In Winter (Parts 1 and 2)” recall some of Harmonia’s best work. In other words, this album is the business. Get a hold of it ASAP.