10 Famous TV Showrunners’ Biggest Regrets

With all the vainglory and self-promotion festering on the Twitter frontier, we gotta say it’s refreshing when people use their 140 characters for humble purposes (notwithstanding the fact that the existence of a singular selfless tweet has yet to be confirmed). A fine example of this would be last weekend’s cavalcade of TV showrunner remorse, incited by Damon Lindelof’s, “The weather in LA this week has been as consistent as the third season of LOST.” Bill Lawrence stepped up next, tweeting, “Many, many episodes of Scrubs sucked balls” and “Cougar Town’s first six eps made me sad.” Then Shonda Rhimes came forth, confessing that Seasons 4 and 5 of Grey’s Anatomy make her “want to hide in a dark cave and maybe change my name.” Which actually had us feeling bad as one can for famous rich people, and then scouring for other confessionals like these. Click through to see what we found, and please join in to add your favorite showrunner regrets in the comments!

J.J. Abrams and Jeff Pinkner, Alias

In 2006 Abrams and Pinkner spoke to Entertainment Weekly about their biggest regrets, namely being forced to ditch the cliffhangers after Season 1, the Rambaldi subplot, and “mismanaging Syd’s men” — specifically Vaughn (for his “vengeance-obsessed turn” plotline in the third season) and Will (who was despised during the show’s run for always putting Syd in danger). For those who missed the show, you might be interested to take a closer look at the above picture, featuring Jennifer Garner (left, amazing wig) and one Bradley Cooper (right, cowboy hat), who played Will the first two seasons (and made occasional appearances for the rest of the show).