The Most Interesting Non-Celebrity Reddit AMAs

“Ask Me Anything” message threads on Reddit, also known as AMAs, have become a sensation on the Internet. Louis CK, Aziz Ansari, Joss Whedon, and many other celebrities have moderated their own Q&A sessions through this medium, and at this point they actually have the power affect a star’s reputation (remember the Woody Harrelson AMA fiasco? We bet he wishes you wouldn’t).

Although stars’ AMAs understandably attract lots of media coverage, non-celebrity threads don’t get nearly as much publicity, which is a shame. Some of the stories regular people share on Reddit are among the most compelling we’ve ever read — sometimes horrifying, sometimes hilarious, and always fascinating. Here’s a list of a few of our favorites, by everyone from a Disneyland cast member to a religious cult escapee. Add to our list of must-read non-celebrity AMAs in the comments.

A former Disneyland cast member

Don’t believe the hype: there isn’t an elaborate series of tunnels under Disneyland (under Disney World, maybe). This Alice was required to come extra early to get into costume without pay, though, and had to stand around by the work clock so she could “clock in” exactly on time. Still, she has some amazing stories about some of the kids she met, so if you enjoy a good cry, scroll through the part about Make-A-Wish!