10 Bands Who’d Do a Great Job of Covering Our Favorite Artists

Bear with us here, but the fact that the new Marilyn Manson album is out this week has got us rambling off on a train of thought that’s led us to this point. Y’see, Manson’s album skates awfully close to self-parody at times, so much so that it’s almost like listening to a cover band doing Marilyn Manson tracks, just not quite as well as the originals. This got us thinking — well, what band would cover Manson well (an especially apt question considering that Manson’s own greatest strength seems to be covers)? And more generally, what contemporary bands would make a decent fist of covering some of our favorite artists? We couldn’t come up with a good answer for the Manson question — feel free to let us know in the comments if you can think of one — but we did come up with a selection of other ideas for dream covers sets.

Total Control could totally cover… Joy Division

There have been plenty of bands over the years who’ve taken a great deal of inspiration from Joy Division, but unlike some of those bands, Australia’s excellent Total Control have a swagger all their own — so much so that we could see them pulling this off without it dipping into the realms of pastiche. Frontman Daniel Stewart looks disconcertingly like Ian Curtis at times — same thousand-yard stare, same habit of grasping the mic stand as if it’s the only thing keeping him from sliding into the underworld — and his band has an intensity that’s at least comparable to Joy Division at their bleakest.