Beautiful Paintings of Abandoned Interiors

Engravers work with great precision, creating elegant works of art. It’s an extremely detailed and time-consuming process that actually begins with drawing. Looking at the work of Italian painter Matteo Massagrande — who we first discovered on The Fox Is Black and is also an engraver — it makes sense that the artist would create classical works about time and the nature of things that have been abandoned and made beautiful through the ravaging of time.

Massagrande seems to prefer classical architecture in ruin, and appropriately, he paints his desolate interiors in a style the old masters would be proud of. There are dusty wood floors, crumbling plaster, dirty marble tiles, and other vintage details. He bathes his abandoned spaces in gorgeous, amber light highlighting their inherent theatricality, but allows them to remain organic — not heightened ¬— and simply exist. Visit our gallery of Massagrande’s beautiful, dilapidated interiors below.

Image credit: Matteo Massagrande, courtesy of Albemarle Gallery