A Selection of Famous People’s Yearbook Quotes

Well, it’s that time of year again. Colleges and high schools across the country are about to kick their overachieving students out into the world. Here comes the biggest question for every graduating class, though: What are you going to put in your yearbook bio? After all, if you become insanely successful people are going to look back on that quote from Mark Twain or Oscar Wilde and judge you for it. Check out what some of your favorite movie stars, musicians, and politicians put down in ink for their fellow classmates to remember them by, and maybe you’ll be inspired — or, if you’ve already graduated, jealous.

Tina Fey

The 30 Rock star spoke to People magazine recently about her clever yearbook quote: “We had to fill in the blank: ‘Five years from now I will be…’ and mine was ‘very, very fat.’ I figured if I’m not, then it’s like, ‘You’re not!’ And if I am, I’m like, ‘I know – I called it!'” Self-deprecation at its finest, ladies and gentlemen!