A Selection of Pop Culture-Inspired Hair Tutorials

YouTube is a huge and diverse place, but over the years, certain types of video content have proved more popular and widespread than others. There’s the cat videos, the dudes-playing-bass-guitar videos, the teenage vloggers — and then there are the hair and makeup tutorials, which may just be the best things to ever come out YouTube that don’t feature adorable animals. In fact, for the pop culture-obsessed among us who’ve always wanted to look like our favorite characters without having to spend money on wigs, hair tutorials are a must. We’ve rounded up the coolest hairstyles we could find, and surprise! Most of them are pretty easy to do, provided you have a lot of hair and a lot of time.

Princess Leia

Bad news, nerds — not all of Leia’s many hairstyles in the Star Wars films are possible without some serious extensions. You can do your own version of the buns, though, by following the steps of this video tutorial.