The Inspiring Design of Architects’ Offices

Philip Johnson, the founder of MoMa’s Architecture and Design Department and the first person to be awarded the profession’s highest honor, the Pritzker Prize, believed that “all architecture is shelter, and all great architecture is the design of space that contains, cuddles, exalts or stimulates the persons in that space.” We thought we’d put the venerable Mr. Johnson’s wisdom to the test to see how the work spaces of the world’s most innovative profession measure up. After all, if the organic food movement’s mantra is “you are what you eat,” then it’s not a far stretch to think that — creatively — you are where you work.

The results are in, and we’re happy to report that the architect’s office is as imaginative and inspiring as they come. From a stunning modern studio nestled in a forest outside of Madrid to the happiest studio cum gallery cum design shop we’ve ever seen to three stories of stacked shipping containers designed to wander, click through to check out our roundup of the best of the best creative work spaces from around the world. Let us know in the comments what studios you’d nominate!

Selgas Cano Architecture Office — Madrid, Spain

Image credit: Today and Tomorrow