The 10 Most Genuinely Disturbing Songs About Mothers

It’s Mother’s Day this weekend, and while we love our mothers here at Flavorpill as dearly as anyone, we do get more than a little tired of the wave of Hallmark-card sentimentality that comes with the second Sunday in May. So we thought we’d commemorate the day with something a little darker than yet another list that features Tupac’s “Dear Mama” and Paul Simon’s “Mother and Child Reunion” — instead, we thought we’d look at some of the more sinister and disturbing songs about mothers and/or motherhood over the years. They’re better songs anyway.

Eminem — “My Mom”

Did Eminem have a happy childhood? Um, no — well, not according to this song, anyway. Among other things, “My Mom” claims Debbie Mathers constantly belittled young Marshall, killed his dog, fed him paint thinner, and dosed his food with Valium. She responded by suing him for the way she was depicted in this song and various others, a lawsuit that eventually netted her a whole $1,600.