Playful Hybrid Designs That Will Make Your Life More Fun

To all you green market going, micro-roasted organic latte sipping conscious consumers out there, mark your calendars, the adorable more affordable Prius c has arrived at a friendly, neighborhood car dealership near you. To celebrate the best hybrid-related news story we’ve heard since The Daily Mail reported that Leo was buying Prii for his girlfriends, we thought we’d poke around our favorite design studios to see if hybrid fever is making waves in their world.

Sure enough, the design pioneers that we know and love are as obsessed with unexpected playful combinations as we are. From Héctor Serrano’s dinner napkin that doubles as a stylish skinny tie to coat hooks made from paintbrushes to dual-purpose furniture that will change the way you think about home decor, click through to check out our roundup of smile-inducing hybrid designs that are as useful as they are fun. Be sure to tell us about your favorite dual-purpose design finds in the comments!

Clothespin Chopsticks by Samuel Accoceberry

Image credit: Samuel Accoceberry