Ranking 15 of the Best ‘SNL’ Digital Shorts

This past weekend, Jorma Taccone, Justin Bieber and Andy Samberg were amongst those celebrating Saturday Night Live’s 100th digital short in a new video featuring nods to the show’s best-of skits. The Lonely Island crew taught Bieber how to celebrate the occasion — and it’s as lewd as you’re thinking — while celebs like Natalie Portman made cameos, reprising their famous Digital Shorts’ characters. Never one to miss a celebration — particularly when it comes to one of the most reliable laughs on the long-running comedy series — we wanted to rank a few of the best SNL Digital Shorts of all-time. It was a supremely difficult task, but we left you plenty of room to drop your faves in the comments section. Head past the break — where we chat about male genitalia far more than you did today — to take a look (including brand new #100).

Digital Short #100