Touching Photos of Married Same-Sex Couples

When photographer Natalie Gruppuso began shooting this project in 2007, Massachusetts was the only state in the US that allowed same-sex couples to marry. Since then, after several incremental legal victories and losses, more than 16,000 couples wed in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Iowa, New York, Washington state, and Washington DC. The touching and simple Love and Equality: The Faces of Same-Sex Marriage series of portraits is one of those projects that we wish didn’t have to exist. Let us explain.

“These portraits show same-sex couples living their lives just as opposite-sex couples do, in their own homes with their children and pets,” Gruppuso writes on Kickstarter. “My hope is that getting to know these couples through these intimate portraits will illustrate that same-sex marriage poses no threat to traditional marriage and that marriage equality is a right worth fighting for.” So, yes. Please send this along to the “opposite-marriage only” person in your life so they can see the faces of these happy, loving couples that are somehow threatening their marriage, and help support Gruppuso’s efforts to turn her beautiful body of work into a book by visiting Kickstarter.

Danielle and Anna. Photo credit: Natalie Gruppuso