Artfully Repurposed Vintage Printing Devices

We really appreciate our modern conveniences, but sometimes we like to romance the memories of vintage printing implements. You know, the kind you can’t carry everywhere, were composed of clackety metal parts, and required ink that smudged across your paper. Even if you’ve never used something like a typewriter before, the machines have a nostalgic allure few can resist. After spotting a metropolis made from printing press letters on Juxtapoz — which we’ve featured for you past the break — we felt inspired to search out other artworks that use vintage printing devices in amazing ways. Click through our gallery to see how a few typewriters and other tools have been reborn.

Image credit: Hong Seon Jang

Hong Seon Jang created Type City from a variety of metal printing press letters, erecting them like skyscrapers, mapping out an imaginary city that stretches six feet across a table.