An Intimate Look at 10 Rare ‘Twin Peaks’ Props

As avid fans of all things Twin Peaks, we’ve had a close eye on Twin Peaks Props for some time now. The enigmatic “Jerry Horne” (named after the sleazy character played by cult actor favorite David Patrick Kelly) runs the website honoring all the remarkable props featured in the cult television show that helped shape the dark serial’s quirky, kitsch atmosphere. Production designer Richard Hoover crafted the now iconic sets, informed by co-creator David Lynch’s painterly style, emphasizing rich colors and textures. Wood plays an important role in the show, referring back to the foreboding forest surrounding the northwestern town. Most props on the show featured quite prominently, helping to peel back the mundane veneer, hinting at a secret or hidden life observed by the ordinary objects like silent spectators.

Horne is lucky enough to own several of the show’s most famous props. He started collecting in the late 1990s (the show ran from 1990 to 1991), and eventually resurrected a second website — Twin Peaks Archive — where he connected with cast and crew, purchased props, rare photos, and other objects directly from them. Horne’s fascination with the show also extends to an upcoming book project with Twin Peaks Unit Publicist and stills photographer Paula K. Shimatsu-U, featuring all the images she shot on set. The duo is planning the release for the show’s 25th anniversary celebration. What’s the most wanted item from the series? “I think the most coveted prop would be Laura’s red diary from the series. I know who owns the green diary from the pilot. However, the red diary more closely matches the Jennifer Lynch diary that was commercially released. It’s out there somewhere,” Horne shared.

We asked Horne to share ten of his favorite Twin Peaks props with us. Grab your slice of cherry pie and a damn fine cup of coffee, and click through our gallery for a look at Twin Peaks history. We’ve also featured one of the new prop replicas that will be on sale soon. Hint: Harry, Hawk, Andy, and Lucy all owned one.

Image credit: Jerry Horne

Little Elvis

“Making his appearance in season one, this great prop needed a bath, and Ben Horne was all ready to give him one. Richard Beymer loved this prop, and several rare stills exist of him parading him around the sets.”