Comic Book Paintings So Perfect They Look Like Photographs

If you’re lucky enough to buy one of Sharon Moody‘s comic book paintings, make sure you keep it out of reach of your superhero-obsessed friends — considering that her trompe l’oeil works actually are realistic enough to fool the eye, they might well try to reach into the piece and grab the open Spider-Man or Batman serial out of it. But it isn’t just photo-quality accuracy Moody is seeking. She writes that the playful subjects she chooses “reflect the universal human desire for amusement, diversion, and stimulation. These seem a proper subject for trompe l’oeil paintings, which by their very nature are intended to divert and entrance us with their illusionism and by the questions they raise — in a playful way — about perception and reality.” Click through to see a selection of Moody’s comic book paintings, which we spotted via Beautiful/Decay, and visit her gallery if you’re interested in purchasing her work.

Image credit: Sharon Moody