Dream Casting an All-Star Season of MTV’s ‘Real World’

Today marks the 20th anniversary of MTV’s The Real World β€” the network’s longest-running series that helped shape reality television as we know it. That’s a lot of faith to put in seven strangers, picked to live in a house, work together, and have their lives taped. While the show’s depiction of relevant issues like AIDS, substance abuse, and eating disorders was compelling, the roommate drama also kept people tuning in. Twenty-six seasons of seven (and sometimes eight) opposing personalities became the perfect recipe for heated debates, memorable clashes, and lusty crushes.

While the 27th season of The Real World readies for its debut this year, we got busy dream casting our own version of the upcoming installment, using the past seasons as our guide. Check out our picks after the jump, then let us know what cast members you’d add or detract from the group in the comments.

Dan Renzi (Miami, Season 5)

Sharp-tongued roommate Dan was a wannabe model during his season on The Real World, but most people remember him for his bitchy confessional revelations and duking it out with roomies Melissa and Flora. We could always count on Dan to serve up Real World realness, however, making even his years-later Pee-wee Herman moment forgivable.