Glowing Night Photos of Urban Grocers

Corner grocers and tiny bodegas can be a blinding experience at night. Walking into a brightly lit store from the dark shocks the senses with consumer “flair,” dusty canned goods, and lukewarm fruits and veggies stacked in colorful rows. The sights and smells are reassuring in a way, though, and that’s what photographer Richard Vantielcke has focused on in his Urban Oasis series.

“I always enjoyed these grocery stores open late at night, first of all because they often saved the life of a starving photographer, then because they all look more surreal… becoming [an] oasis of light in the darkness of the Parisian night,” he writes on his Behance page. We’ve shared Vantielcke’s night photos of glowing grocers past the break. Feel free to give your favorite hard-working night owl spot a mention below.

Image credit: Richard Vantielcke