Inspired Minimalist Food Still Lifes

Get ready for the most aesthetically delicious, minimalist towers of food you’ve ever seen. Inspired by British artist and Turner Prize winner Martin Creed’s makeover of London’s famous Sketch restaurant, Dutch design duo Raw Color deconstructed and posed some of the menu’s signature items like so: A lobster tail balanced on a coconut balanced on a neat puddle of black olive jelly, wedges of cheeses and veggies neatly stacked and linear parmesan drizzles never out of line. It reminds us a bit of Carl Kleiner’s minimalist cookbook and the French Cuisse series from culinary student William Matthew Valle, just taller and simpler. Spotted by Beautiful Decay (who also noted an Irving Penn influence), check out the items below, and consider constructing something equally creative out of your own lunch.

Image credit: Raw Color