A Selection of Streets Named After Musicians from Around the World

We wrote a couple of days back about the new posthumous Joey Ramone album, and while we’re not entirely convinced by the record and the philosophy that underlies it, it is nice to see the Ramones continuing to get some recognition, albeit far more belatedly than they should have done. The most famous way in which the band’s legacy has been commemorated has been the decision to rename part of 2nd Street in Manhattan “Joey Ramone Way,” a street sign that immediately made its way to the top of hoarders’ lists. It’s certainly not the only street around the world named after a famous musician, mind — check out 10 of them after the jump.

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ACDC Lane, Melbourne, Australia

Amusingly, it’s ACDC Lane (not AC/DC Lane) because apparently somewhere in an obscure book of statute, there’s some sort of council edict against using symbols in street titles. Yes, some sort of jobsworth really saw fit to pen a law covering such eventualities. Sigh. (Also, speaking of Melbourne: if you’re a fan of The Birthday Party, we recommend clicking here and adding your name to a petition to rename a street after the band’s late and great guitar genius Rowland S. Howard.)