Yasuaki Onishi’s Gorgeous Casting of Invisible Mountains

In his new installation at the Rice University Art Gallery, which we first spotted over at Artlog, Japanese artist Yasuaki Onishi continues his Reverse of Volume series with a gorgeous cloud-like confection suspended in the gallery space. Like the other works in the series, this site-specific installation was crafted by a process Onishi calls “casting the invisible”: he drapes clear plastic sheets over cardboard boxes and drips black glue from the ceiling to hold them in place, ultimately removing the cardboard to achieve the floating mountainous form. Click through to check out some amazing photos of Onishi’s work, and then, if you’re intrigued as to the process, head to his Vimeo page to watch a video about the artwork. The installation will be on view until June 24th at the Rice University Art Gallery.

Yasuaki Onishi, reverse of volume RG, 2012. Rice University Art Gallery, Houston, Texas. Photo by Nash Baker.