11 Great ’00s Bands We’d Love to See Reunite

Having missed the chance to see Sigur Rós live, only to hear that they were going on “indefinite hiatus,” we spent a reasonable amount of the last couple of years cursing ourselves for our foolishness. But happily, the band sent word earlier this year that it was reuniting, and this week sees the release of the new album Valtari. It seems that wishing really hard can make your dreams come true, because apart from Sigur Rós, some of our other favorite ’00s bands — namely At the Drive-In, Death from Above 1979, and Grandaddy — have all announced in recent months that they’re getting back together. This has all put a sizable dent (albeit a very welcome one) in our list of dream ’00s reunions. But there are still plenty more that we can fantasize about, so here’s a selections of 10 such daydreams — let’s all hold hands and pray together, eh?

Le Tigre

When we looked at ’90s bands we’d love to see reunite, we mentioned Bikini Kill — and although that’s realistically almost certainly never gonna happen, we haven’t given up hope of at least seeing one more Le Tigre show. If we get to hear “Deceptacon” live again, our lives will be substantially better.