Poignant Photos of Sleeping Carpoolers Captured From Above

What does your morning commute look like? Mexican photographer Alejandro Cartagena, whose work we spotted over at Visual News, offers a fascinating look at the morning rides of many Mexican workers, in a series that has us scouring the photos, analyzing all of the tools they take with them and wondering what they did last night. Leaning over overpasses near his home in Monterrey, Cartagena captures glimpses of a secret world only visible from above, as workers catch up on sleep, chat, or daydream in the back of pickup trucks on their way to jobs in construction, landscaping, and other outdoor jobs. Cartagena is widely celebrated for photography that delves into social, environmental, and urban issues, so when you’re done peeping at the carpoolers after the jump, head on over to his website to see even more of his great work.

Photo credit: Alejandro Cartagena