10 Bands That Would Make Great Cults

The new Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros record, entitled simply Here, came out last week. We’ve never been massive fans of the band, in all honesty — their touchy-feely but weirdly blank music, and Alex Ebert’s messianic “Edward Sharpe” personality, have always given us the creeps a little bit. There’s something almost… cultish about it. Although, if nothing else, this realization got us thinking about other bands that could well be cults, and/or musicians who’d do a fine job as cult leaders. Are there any musical cults you’d be up for joining? (No, Cults don’t count.)

Andrew WK

The combination of Andrew WK’s mysterious past, his relentless positivity, his idiosyncratic philosophy, and his knack for public speaking makes him surely the contemporary musician best equipped for cult leadership. If we start to see blissfully happy hard-partying long-haired New Age types in white jeans beginning to appear more and more often around the city, we won’t be at all surprised.