10 New Must-Reads for June

It’s finally the first month of summer (whether it’s officially summer yet or not), which to us means lots of new excuses to hang out and read — look, it’s something you can do outside that doesn’t involve exercise and socializing, and sometimes that’s just the ticket. Plus, with all those extra hours of sunlight, you’re out of reasons not to spend at least a couple with your nose in a novel. Whatever your poison — biography, blockbuster fiction, graphic novels, or tales about the end of the world — we’ve got the perfect book to be your companion through the long days and warm nights. Click through to check out the books we’re most excited about this month, and let us know which ones you can’t wait to read in the comments.

The Dream of the Celt, Mario Vargas Llosa (June 5)

In this newly-translated biography, Llosa, Nobel Prize winner, one-time Peruvian presidential candidate, and author we think likely to stand the test of time, depicts the life of Roger Casement, an Irish activist, writer and so-called “specialist in atrocities” who was executed by the British in 1916 just after the Easter Rising. Llosa is a phenomenal writer, and Casment’s complex story is incredibly engaging in his capable hands.