Classic Novels and the Filmmakers Who Were Born to Direct Them

This week, we found out that Guy Ritchie is on board to helm a Warner Brothers adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s literary classic Treasure Island, a pairing that — given Ritchie’s gift for madcap, stylized adventure movies — we think is going to be pretty awesome. Inspired by this news, and given that we’re rather unsatisfied with many of the cinematic adaptations of classic novels that actually exist, we’ve come up with a dream list of some of our favorite classic novels and the filmmakers we think would be perfect to direct them. Click through to check out our list of book-director pairings that were totally meant to be, and let us know who you think should direct your own favorite classic novel in the comments.

Franny and Zooey — Wes Anderson

This is an easy one — the prodigy-riddled clan in The Royal Tenenbaums is basically the Glass family anyways, so it would be only right to give Anderson the chance to do it right. We think his penchant for bittersweet nostalgia and sweet strangeness, not to mention his masterful treatment of New York City as a dreamlike fairy tale land, make him the man to adapt the entire Salinger canon — if only that were allowed.