Wanted: Barbie Dolls Made Over as the Women from ‘Mad Men’

When Mattel came out with their Mad Men collectible Barbies back in 2010, we were impressed with their historical accuracy, but a little less than satisfied with their accessories. Lucky for us, New York-based photographer Michael Williams of My Life in Plastic has modified a series of Barbie dolls (and one Skipper for Sally, of course) decked out with all the toys you’d expect — and some we couldn’t believe. Case in point: Betty Draper comes with whipped cream and a scale, and Joan has her own “illegitimate bastard carriage.” Harsh but fair, you guys. Click through to check out this great collection of modded Mad Men barbies, and let us know who else you’d like to see in the comments.

Art and photography by Michael Williams of My Life in Plastic.