Max Streicher’s Mind-Blowing Inflatable Sculptures

Imagine that you’re swimming some laps in an indoor pool, simply minding your own business, when you look up to see a pair of massive, inflatable clouds looming overhead. Or maybe you’re walking down a city sidewalk, only to have enormous clown spring out at you from in between buildings. With subjects ranging from the aforementioned gigantic clouds and clowns to equally super-sized horses and dung beetles, Canadian sculptor and installation artist Max Streicher creates attention-grabbing, inflatable pieces that he animates using industrial fans and simple valve mechanisms. While his dramatic, kinetic works must be incredible (and/or horrifying!) to encounter in person, lucky for us, they also translate into some visually entertaining photos. Click through for our favorite pics.

Max Streicher, Alto Cumulus, 2006. Tyvek, electric fans, dimensions variable, each cloud 305 x 610 x 300 cm. Hart House Installation