The 10 Craziest TV Deaths of the 2011-12 Season

By now you’ve either watched the episode or read about it, so we’re not going to dance around what happened on Sunday’s Mad Men: Lane Pryce killed himself, in perhaps the most shocking episode of a show that’s been blowing our minds with its dramatic storylines all season. Once we recovered from the horror of seeing Jared Harris stiff, white, blue-lipped and swinging from the ceiling of his office, it occurred to us that the past year has brought some of the craziest, weirdest, and most unexpected TV character deaths of all time. After the jump, we round up the ones that made the biggest impression on us; tell us what we missed in the comments.

Tyler Barrol, Revenge

Every primetime soap worth its suds needs an off-his-meds mental patient, and in Revenge, that character was Tyler Barrol. Originally introduced as Daniel Grayson’s Harvard roommate, Tyler turns out to be a hustler who specializes in conning wealthy, elderly gay men and is bent on riding his internship at Grayson Global to riches — and not necessarily by proving to be an excellent employee. After weeks of blackmail, scheming, manipulation, holding people at gunpoint, and the rather unfortunate seduction of poor Nolan Ross, Tyler ends up dead on the beach at Daniel and Emily’s engagement party. In the midst of a struggle, Daniel shoots his ex-friend, and Emily’s associate Satoshi Takeda knocks him out before finishing off Tyler. So it’s not exactly how he dies that’s so crazy; it’s the complicated question of who is responsible for his death, and who will be punished for it.