Wonderful Green and Growing Street Art by Mosstika

The streets of New York can sometimes feel a little cold and lifeless — so much concrete and steel, so little natural world — but eco-minded guerrilla street art collective Mosstika, whose work we recently spotted over at Visual News, may have the antidote. Their graffiti isn’t made out of paint, but built from living grass and moss, meant to be touched by passer-by in need of a little earthy comfort. “We believe that if everyone had a garden of their own to cultivate, we would have a much more balanced relation to our territories,” they write. “It is with this notion in mind, that we at Mosstika, aim to collide the worlds of art and nature, creating havens of unexpected greenery, within the colder harsher environment.” Click through to check out some of Mosstika’s best works, and then get to work infusing your own city with a little bit of extra life.

Image credit: Mosstika