TV’s Most Versatile Actresses

As Season 1 of HBO’s Veep nears its all-too-soon finish (don’t worry folks, a second season is on its way), we gotta say it’s been nice to have Julia Louis-Dreyfus back on the small screen — although “back” might not be the proper word choice here. The woman has had no real gap in her resume since she became a cast member on Saturday Night Live at the tender age of 21, making her part of a talented class of television actresses with the incredible ability to reinvent themselves time and time again. In celebration of Sunday’s finale, we’ve rounded up some of our favorites from this category. We hope you’ll agree that they deserve a round of applause — and that you’ll add some of your personal favorites in the comments.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

At 5’2″ she’s proven herself to be a paradigm of “small but mighty.”

Career highlights: Dominating the ’90s, breaking the “Seinfeld Curse” with The New Adventures of Old Christine and now Veep

Extra versatility points: Playing Maggie Lizer, mother of Michael Bluth’s fake baby on Arrested Development. Louis-Dreyfus is also a criminally underrated choreographer — in a 2007 interview on Inside the Actors Studio she took full responsibility for the famous Elaine dance.