10 Famous Authors Whose Lives Would Make Awesome Books

Here at Flavorpill, we love a good story. And while we generally get our fix from novels and short stories, sometimes the lives of the authors are just as fascinating as the lives of the characters they create (some of them even have biopics — or more than one — to prove it). After all, artists are prone to eccentricities, creative problem solving and, let’s face it, tragedy, all qualities that make great protagonists as well as interesting people. Click through to check out our list of authors whose true life stories we think would make fantastic novels (we’ve focused on those who haven’t written autobiographies or exact novelizations of their own lives), and then be sure to add to our list in the comments!

Lord Byron

Sometimes the characters who are “mad, bad, and dangerous to know” make the most compelling protagonists. While we can’t say we’re not itching for a novelization of Byron’s famous romantic exploits, we’d almost rather read a book about his school days — which might feature the story of how a young Byron, new to Cambridge, had to send home his beloved dog when school officials cited rules against keeping canines. Not to be outdone and apparently desperate for furry companionship, Byron instead acquired and kept a tame bear, having found no mention of bears in the official statutes. When the administration protested, Byron even tried to apply for a fellowship for the bear. Hilarious hijinks at university with a dastardly young Casanova? Sounds like a bestseller to us.