10 Musical Couples We Wish Would Reunite

Music is a passionate occupation to pursue, and it makes sense that some of our favorite musicians have, well, hooked up with some of our other favorite musicians in fiery ways throughout the years. This is something we’ve been chewing on ever since we first got former Fleetwood Mac co-figurehead Lindsey Buckingham’s last solo record, Seeds We Sow. While on tour for the record he’s been nothing but immaculate, and the album’s full of the sort of mind-boggling guitar work that Buckingham’s known for (yet still ridiculously underrated in), but we’re going to say what’s still on everyone’s mind: we miss the self- (and others-)lacerating songs Buckingham was creating when he was still under the spell of Stevie Nicks. After reading that, regardless of what rumors may be, Buckingham’s in no hurry to create with Fleetwood Mac any time in the near future, we took to daydreaming about what other musical couples we’d like to see back together for various reasons: to be one another’s muses, to restore our sense of wellbeing, or just to be incredibly attractive together. Read through for 10 of our picks, and tell us, won’t you, who you think we’ve missed in the comments.