10 Unforgettable TV Summers We Never Got to See

At some point every Saved by the Bell fan has to decide where their allegiance lies: Are they Malibu Sands or Hawaiian Style? It’s one of those pop culture debates that’s the most fun to have because both summers had no bearing on anything (in Bayside or life), and those who would seriously argue otherwise probably belong in the same category as fans giving poor Mark-Paul Gosselaar a hard time for conceding the series was “not a great show.” At the same time, we have to give SBTB credit for exploring summer vacation — a storyline TV shows have historically bypassed — even if one of the major plot points in both runs was Slater’s abs.

It’s probably a good thing the summers of our favorite characters were never made into full-length films à la Hawaiian Style, because, as the law of television time-jump dictates, nothing of real consequence happens during this season (unless of course you’re watching HBO). Still, there are those characters whose lives we can’t but help wish we’d seen more of over break, and so, we came up with a list. We hope you’ll add the summers you always longed to see (and that may or may not have driven you to write pages of fanfic under an undisclosed pen name) in the comments, because at the risk of sounding like your mom on the first day of camp, we always love hearing from you.

Freaks and Geeks: Lindsay’s trip with Kim and the Deadheads 

Earlier this year series creator Paul Feig told the A.V. Club that he has no regrets over the series finale, and we have to agree Freaks and Geeks ended perfectly. That said, we can’t help but selfishly wish we could have seen Lindsay traversing the country in that VW with Kim Kelly and her new Deadhead friends. Some of the best moments in Freaks and Geeks were a function of the music (see: laser dome, the Homecoming dance, and unlikely character bonding), and we can only begin to fathom what the show would have done with a Grateful Dead concert.

At last year’s PaleyFest reunion panel Apatow revealed Lindsay’s journey would have ended with a bad acid trip, which we like to imagine as the denouement of an incredible summer that was always doomed to end in heartbreak, as so many coming-of-age stories do.