10 of the Most Unbelievable Movie Families

As we mentioned in our June Indie Preview, one of our favorite movies of the month is Your Sister’s Sister, Lynn Shelton’s smart and sophisticated indie rom-com featuring Emily Blunt, Rosemarie DeWitt, and Mark Duplass. But even great moves can have their little flaws, and one thing did nag at us a bit while watching the film: how is it that Blunt and DeWitt are sisters, but have completely different accents? Blunt speaks in her natural British (instead of adopting an American accent, as she did to match onscreen sister Amy Adams in Sunshine Cleaning), and DeWitt keeps her American accent (instead of adopting one to match Blunt’s, as Alison Brie did in The Five Year Engagement). It doesn’t ruin the movie or anything, but it did get us thinking about other movies where we didn’t completely buy the familial connection of the characters; after the jump, we’ve assembled ten of the most egregious examples.


You’d have to search far and wide to find a bigger admirer of Lars von Trier’s 2011 apocalypse tale; we’ve sung its praises here many times before. However, we must admit to being a bit bothered by von Trier’s apparent “who cares” attitude about familial make-up. The film is centered on two sisters, whose parents are played by Brits John Hurt and Charlotte Rampling, but the daughters are blonde-haired, blue-eyed, American-accented Kirsten Dunst, and dark-haired, brown-eyed, French-accented Charlotte Gainsbourg. One could, perhaps, argue that the director was further accentuating the differences in their characters by casting such opposite actresses, but let’s be honest — he probably just cast the actors he wanted and said to hell with it.