Gorgeous Rembrandt-Inspired Portraits of Women With Unusual Animals

We’ve been fans of photographer Sacha Goldberger for a while now, ever since we spotted his series of before-and-after photos of French joggers. But Goldberger isn’t only adept at chasing down sweaty subjects — his most recent project is a series of beautiful portraits inspired by traditional Flemish paintings, particularly those by Rembrandt. “I like the light and the way characters pose and look at you,” he told My Modern Met. Goldberger also posed his subjects with rather unconventional animals (at least as far as portraiture is concerned), from owls to lambs to mallards — though the strength of the women’s faces is such that you barely notice them at first glance. Not that that much matters — we think you’ll be gazing at these lovely portraits for quite a while.

Photo credit: Sacha Goldberger

Photo credit: Sacha Goldberger


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