Books to Give Every Kind of Dad on Father’s Day

It is a truth universally acknowledged that our dads never seem to be in want of much of anything, probably because at this point, they’ve set themselves up pretty nicely, and they don’t understand the purpose of, say, buying jeans that cost more than twenty dollars. We’ve already given you a heads up on a few last minute Father’s Day gifts that don’t suck to break the tie-or-cufflinks curse, but if your dear daddy is the bookish type (tweed, pipe, armchair), or you want to give him something you can both talk about over the next few weeks, we’ve got you covered there too. We’ve limited ourselves to recommending books that have come out since last Father’s Day (since we’re sure last year you picked the perfect book), but we have options for adventurers and film geeks, science fiction lovers and history buffs, and every kind of dear old dad in between. Enjoy!

If your dad is frequently seen loitering over the stove with a wooden spoon in one hand and a French paperback in the other:

Balzac’s Omelette, Anka Muhlstein

“Tell me where you eat, what you eat, and at what time you eat, and I will tell you who you are,” intones this little book about the way food evokes character, atmosphere and social climbing in the novels of Honoré de Balzac. We never knew Balzac was so delicious. Plus, it’s small enough to be read in one hand while you torch the créme brulée.